one time payment

season pass

Ever wanted to support us? Or just want to get exclusive VIP perks? Well... you can now get both! Buy a VIP season pass and experience VIP perks for the whole season!

What do i get in return?

  • Early Access to Server and all Updates
  • Unique Nametag in Server
  • Unique Discord Role
  • Discord Channel
  • Discord Voice Channel
  • Change Nickname in Discord
  • Parkour Minigame
  • Unique "One in the Chamber" Minigame
  • Chat in #minecraft Discord Channel
  • Fly in Spawn Area
  • Wings of Particals
  • Unique Join Message in Server
  • Chat with Colors in Server
  • Punch Staff in Spawn Area
  • Your Name will be Showed in Wall of Fame
  • Pets in spawn
  • Ability to Change Nickname in Server (Planning to implement)