On the Minecraft 1:4500 Scale Earth World

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The world scale is 1:4500 which means that 1 block represents 4500 km. in our Earth's life! Players can easily claim land and create the greatest nations in the Earth's world!

Diplomatas Server


Orientate yourself easily in Earth's world with a live map. You can flexibly view 2D or 3D earth terrain! As well as a political border which allows you as a land leader more easily come out with political decisions!

Map of Diplomatas

Various Vehicles

The server has over 100 various vehicles that our traveler player can drive! This opens an opportunity to travel or fight in a new unique way!

Tank Vehicle in Minecraft

Unique Items

The server uses a custom resource pack that brings more than 500 new items to the server. You can now construct the whole nuclear power plant in Minecraft!

Custom Items in Diplomatas

Engaging RolePlay

With unique modifications like proximity voice chat, players can get involved in an engaging roleplay action!


Latest version - 1.18.2

ip: mc.diplomatas.net

India in Minecraft
Hong Kong Sidney mesoamerican_pyramids castle

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